Clayton ends gun discussion with approval of guidelines

CLAYTON – Recent discussions about discharging guns within city limits came to a close last week at the Clayton council meeting when guidelines were set by council members.

No person shall discharge a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or any other firearm within the city unless otherwise specified by exceptions.

There were exceptions to the law. One can hunt on private property so long as given written permission from the land owner. Gun owners may discharge a rifle, shotgun or handgun so long as they are not within 250 feet of a public roadway or 1,000 feet of an occupied structure.

An occupied structure was defined as a house, building, outbuilding, watercraft, aircraft, railroad car, trailer, tent or other structure, vehicle or shelter that is maintained as a permanent or temporary dwelling. Even if the dwelling is unoccupied at the time, it would be considered an occupied structure.

The complete list of exceptions can be found on the City of Clayton's website,