Coronavirus: Community comes together to send cards to woman in isolation

It started out as simple Facebook post asking for cards and letters.

Linda Green is in isolation at Laurelwood assisted living center in Dayton,  a stark difference from when her family visited her nearly every day before the pandemic.

Her daughter, Kellee, put out a call to action on Facebook, asking for cards and letters, and the Miami Valley delivered.

“I hope everyone takes this as a lesson to do the same for their family members and friends” said Linda’s husband Tim Green.

Now, the Green family wants to encourage everyone to do it, but not just for Linda, but for every essential worker who is still working on the front lines of this pandemic.

“There's some hidden heroes,” said Tim Green. “Those are the workers at Laurelwood, the staff taking care of these people, grocery workers, truckers, people that are keeping places in sanitary and clean.”

Some people have asked if you can potentially harm someone by sending a letter like this to someone in an assisted living facility. Tim says they're following all CDC rules and local nursing homes are still accepting mail.

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