Dayton region has highest coronavirus spread rate in Ohio, new numbers show

Data released Thursday showed the Dayton region having the highest coronavirus reproduction rate in state.

In essence, that is the amount of new coronavirus infections stemming from one case.

Region 3, which covers the Miami Valley and Dayton region, has an R-naught number of 1.07, which means one person with coronavirus is on average spreading it to 1.07 people.

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The Dayton region is the only one with an R-naught number over one. The next highest number is 0.93 in the northeast Ohio region.

Southeast Ohio is the lowest rate in the state, at 0.62.

Gov. Mike DeWine said that state health officials have been in contact with Dayton area officials and are monitoring cases in the area.

According to the CDC, the estimated R-naught (R0) for coronavirus is 2.5.

In March, Ohio’s R0 was as high as 1.9 and just below 1 on June 1, DeWine said.

However, recently the state has seen an increase in data, the governor said.

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton has resigned but will continue to serve as Gov. Mike DeWine’s chief health advisor, the governor announced.

“Dr. Acton has told me that she felt that it was time for her to step down as Ohio Department of Health director,” he said. “I have asked her to now serve as my chief health advisor where she will continue to serve the people of Ohio in a meaningful way.”

Lance Himes, who previously served as interim director will resume the role.

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The state is releasing a list of suggest best practices for places of worship during the coronavirus pandemic.

Though places of worship were never ordered to close, DeWine said, many moved to online or alternate services.

As many places of worship resume services, the state wanted to release the suggested guidelines to help people take steps to protect their health.

Some of those best practices include families sitting together, but staying socially distant from other families; encouraging people to wear face coverings; and not touching common surfaces.

The governor stressed that the guidelines were suggestions and not requirements.

Ohio is expanding coronavirus testing to anyone in the state who wants to be tested, DeWine announced.

Initially, testing was prioritized and restricted due to limited swabs and testing materials.

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DeWine is encouraging anyone who wants a test to talk to their health care provider or to contact a testing site to arrange a time to be tested.

The governor also announced pop-up testing sites. Tomorrow, there will be six pop-up sites in the Columbus area, but more are being planned across the state, including in the Dayton area. Details will be released as the pop-up locations are arranged.

A map of testing locations is available on the state’s coronavirus dashboard.

There have been 40,004 total cases of coronavirus and 2,490 deaths attributed to the virus in the state, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The state is reporting 37,120 confirmed cases and 2,263 deaths.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been 6,753 hospitalizations and 1,732 ICU admissions reported.


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