Coronavirus: Local church responds to concerns about virus

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Local church responds to concerns about coronavirus

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Local churches are taking precautions as concerns about the coronavirus spreading in close proximity.

Due to fear of spreading any kind of virus, leaders of the Catholic Church are stressing that rituals including the sign of peace and taking communion are optional.

News Center 7’s Katy Anderson spoke with Father Angelo Anthony about these precautions.

“We don't want to invoke a lot of fear in people,” said Father Anthony. “But to help us all be aware, this is something serious we all need to be attentive to.”

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Father Anthony is the pastor of 3 Catholic churches in the area, including Emmanuel in downtown Dayton. He received notice from the Archbishop of Cincinnati about the new polices and precaution to be taken.

“He is encouraging our parishioners to use the normal precautionary measures of washing your hands frequently,” said Father Anthony. “If you are feeling sick, don't come to church, if you are just not feeling well then not receive from the chalice or shake hands from the sign of peace which is part of our liturgy.”

However, if a case of the coronavirus is confirmed in Ohio, Father Anthony said that the church will not offer these practices.

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