County to open park for one last look at former Blue Jacket theater

Caesar's Ford Park, the home of the former Blue Jacket amphitheater, will be opened to the public one last time before demolition work begins.

The park, at 520 South Stringtown Road, will be opened from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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The lighting tower and building that form the amphitheater as well as the two faux-rock stage structures are to be removed. Other structures, the gift shop, concession, bathrooms and dining hall, are to be left intact for renovation work.

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The three-month project is set to begin in the coming weeks, but county officials wanted to give the public one last look at the once-popular outdoor theater.

The public will be allowed only in designated areas as the condition of the buildings have deteriorated and are deemed unsafe.

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People remember fondly seeing or participating in the show -- A portrayal of the life of Blue Jacket, a famous American Indian who lived in the Greene County region.

The structures were built in 1982 when the theater company got its start, according to Jon Schroeder, an original cast member.

Schroeder, who now lives in Salt Lake City and works as a union stage hand in the entertainment industry, credits his career to his experiences as a young man serving in various roles at the old theater.

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"The spiritual being of mother earth and being part of that theater," he said, "Seeing the people come in and out, seeing the different people and how they interacted with life and cultures, that helped mold me into who I am today and how I view spirit."

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