Dayton businesses say customers following new mask law

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Dayton approves mandatory mask rule

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

New mask requirement in Dayton took effect Friday. Violators face $85 fine.

A new Dayton law mandating people wear masks or face coverings while inside businesses and public spaces took effect Friday.

The Trolley Stop and Omega Music in the Oregon District said their customers agreed to wear masks while on their premises on the first day of the new law.

Robin Sassenberg, the owner of the Trolley Stop, said business Friday afternoon was slow, probably because of the heat, but everyone who did come into the tavern wore a mask.

Mask requirement begins in Dayton

“I think people are in fear because of the numbers of coronavirus cases,” she said.

Omega Music owner and operator Alex Staiger said his business has required masks since it reopened, before the city’s ordinance took effect.

“We’ve been doing masks from the beginning and mandatory hand sanitizing while browsing the store,” he said.

He said he believes masks are an important tool for fighting the outbreak of COVID-19.

“It’s just obvious,” he said. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out you need to wear a mask.”

He said the store has also put up plexiglass to protect its employees and the public.

Dayton’s new law passed unanimously by a 5-0 vote of the city commission Wednesday night. It requires masks in places including restaurants, bars, businesses, shops, libraries, health care facilities, hotels, motels, gyms and other facilities that are used by or open to the public.

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Violators face an $85 penalty that if unpaid can lead to a block when renewing a drivers’ license and other consequences. City officials say the order will be complaint-driven, meaning that police will consider issuing fines if business owners or employees file complaints against visitors and customers. City officials say they do not want citizens to report one another.

Dayton city officials didn’t respond to an email asking if anyone was cited Friday under the new ordinance.

Columbus’ mayor has issued a similar order that takes effect Saturday. Cincinnati also passed a city ordinance that mandates people wear masks in the city. That goes into effect on July 9.

What do you think?

There are a lot of opinions on social media about Dayton’s new mask requirement. Here’s some of the comments from the Dayton Daily News Facebook page:

Renea Zavakos: Great move Dayton! More cities are starting to follow suit! Stop the spike!

David L Brown: This Mandate Violates the Constitution

Michael Saylors: If wearing mask protects people then open up free commerce completely without restrictions. I would gladly wear a mask if that was the case!

Dan Powell: Masks are useless and a sign of submission. I will not bow to any person or entity.

Michael Alter: Wear a mask already. Quit being so ignorant. They can save lives.

Dave Ackels: It is everybody’s patriotic duty to wear a mask.

Thomas Fanizzi: This is why the Virus is getting out of control again. Wear the mask in public when in crowed places. The lives you save may be someone you love.

Emma L. Wray: I’m not happy to have to wear a mask all day at work but I do it to stay safe. It’s a choice to be a good citizen and a compassionate person.

Christopher Ritter: Too bad the Governor is afraid to make these decisions. Passing the buck down to the Mayors so that he doesn’t have to pay the political price for leadership.

Joe Pedalino: The mask can finally prevent something now!! An $85 fine