Downtown Springfield curfew lifted, will not be extended

The curfew for the downtown area of the City of Springfield has been lifted, city officials announced at a press conference Wednesday morning.

City officials said no arrests were made Tuesday related to the curfew in certain areas of downtown Springfield. As a result, the curfew that was put in place on Monday has been lifted and will not be extended.

“Police will remain throughout and will have a presence throughout our community, to make sure that all of our citizens are safe, protected and served. But I want to thank the people of Springfield who stepped away from pulling apart and tearing down and have chosen a route of moving forward together,” Springfield City Commissioner David Estrop said.

The curfew was first enacted Monday following incidents of property damage and vandalism that occurred Sunday night and into Monday morning. It was slated to expire on Wednesday morning, but city officials left the option to extend it if need be.

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