Dozens attend Coffee with First Responders Tuesday morning

Dayton police invited the public to coffee with first responders Tuesday morning.

This is the first time the Dayton Police Department has had the event since the death of Detective Jorge Del Rio earlier this month.

News Center 7's Mike Campbell went to the event and spoke with officers and community members.

Officers spoke with dozens of people as they walked in to doctor’s appointments or shops in the lobby of Elizabeth place, the medical mall located in the former St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

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The goal is to build bridges and heal together from a tough year in Dayton and learn about each other in a non-confrontational way.

“It is good to get back in the community to show people that yeah we might be hurting inside, there might be problems going on around America, but we’re still here to protect and serve, we have to serve the community, we are still here, we are Dayton Strong,” Dayton Police Sgt. Creigee Coleman said.

Mike Campbell will tell you more about these events and how they're changing to include all first responders on News Center 7 starting at 5 p.m.

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