Final demolition for Springboro redevelopment project nears

Tentative plans to move last business still standing in shopping plaza.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Dayton Daily News this week is looking at the reshaping of the crossroads of Springboro. Additional coverage will continue through the weekend.

The last business standing in the way of the demolition of the former Springboro IGA shopping plaza has apparently found a new home.

Its demolition would clear the way for Springboro to hire a consultant and developer to transform the northwest corner of the city’s central crossroads.

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Bill Bowman, owner of the Springboro Flea Market, said all that was left for him to begin moving was to sign a lease on a new home in Springboro.

“We haven’t firmed everything up. I think we have found a new location,” Bowman said, declining to specify the new location.

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The move would culminate several years of work, starting with the sale of the supermarket and plaza by the Preston family, which ran Homer’s IGA for decades and leased the rest of the plaza.

The redevelopment also prompted the closure or move of a hardware store, tailor shop and other small retail businesses.

“We hated to see the IGA go down. We hated to see the shopping center not flourish,” Mayor John Agenbroad said. “At one time, before Springboro grew, it was vital.”

A consultant will begin developing what comes next for the property in consultation with city leaders and other members of the public at a community meeting.

The city expects to recoup its investment of $3.4 million in the property, while having more of a say in the redevelopment.

“We can’t let this opportunity pass us by,” Agenbroad said. “It’s very important. It’s the center of town.”

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