Firm chosen to help Lebanon School District in potential building project

This is not an indication of any construction projects in the near future, superintendent says.

On Friday, Oct. 23, The Quandel Group, a Cincinnati-based firm, was named construction manager by the commission to oversee any construction that may happen as part of a state funding project.

But, Lebanon schools superintendent Mark North said this announcement is not an indication of any construction projects in the near future.

“It is very early in the game,” North said. “We are at least months away from any decisions on how, when or if this will happen.”

North confirmed Lebanon is one of 25 districts participating in the Expedited Local Partnership Program. The commission reviews the district’s facilities and enters into an agreement with the district on a Facility Master Plan that covers the entire needs of the district.

The district then chooses a “distinct portion” of their Master Plan to fund through local efforts, such as a bond issue. When the district’s turn later arises in the Classroom Facilities Assistance Program, the money spent by the district on the distinct portion is credited against the local share of the entire Master Plan projects.

North said all districts are put on the Classroom Facilities Assistance Program list, prioritized based on their tax evaluations and improvement needs.

“Essentially, this just means it’s our turn on the list,” said North. “This announcement is simply the state getting their ducks in a row should we move forward with any sort of construction. We have not identified any projects nor discussed any possible bond issues at this time.”

North said the district plans to hold community meetings sometime in November to begin discussions on project priorities, possible costs and funding measures.

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