Google just made it easier to find your lost cell phone

File photo of a cell phone
File photo of a cell phone

Google announced a new feature Wednesday that could help you find your lost cell phone – Android and iPhone.

According to a story from, while Google recently added a feature that allowed android phone users to track their misplaced smartphone using the standalone Android Device Manager application, the company announced Wednesday they have enhanced the feature to allow iPhone users to find their devices.

The feature, located in My Account, is called "Find your Phone" and can be accessed by typing "find your phone" into a Google search. While the app was upgraded to help users look for a lost or stolen iPhone, it doesn't quite have the same features as Apple's "Find my iPhone" on iCloud, the story pointed out. In fact, it simply directs iOS users to Apple's tracking system.

The app works like this for Android phones:

1. You type "Find your phone" in a Google search

2. You will be directed to the My Account hub

3. You'll see "Find your Phone." Tap on that.

4. By doing so, you'll be able to do one of three things: make the phone ring at maximum volume, lock it, or locate its position using the Device Manager.

For iPhones:

1.  Do the same thing until you get to My Account

2. My Account will direct you to iCloud and Apple's Find My iPhone tracking

Other upgrades are set for Google's My Account. According to a blog entry by Guemmy Kim, a product manager for Google, "Coming soon, you'll be able to simply search for your own name, and if you're signed in, you'll see a shortcut to My Account."