How to keep Canada geese away during nesting season

Residents may begin to see more Canada geese in the Miami Valley due to it being nesting season.

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During this season, the geese are known to get aggressive if anyone comes near their nest, even if they are on your property.

“If you have them nest there and then they hatch there, you’re pretty much going to have geese and goslings through the first half of the summer until they can take flight”, said Brett Beatty from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

However, there are a few things you can do to keep the birds away.

Wildlife experts suggest chasing the geese away or getting a permit to legally remove or destroy their eggs.

Most states, Ohio included, require permits anytime one intends to destroy eggs or nests, capture, relocate, disturb, or harvest Canada geese. Residents should contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife to obtain a permit to rid the geese from their property, however, permits will only be authorized as a last resort when scare techniques such as repelling or herding the geese prove ineffective.

Permit options include:

  • Nest Destruction Permit (issued March 11-May) doesn't allow geese to hatch on your property
  • Roundup Permit (issued mid-June to early July) eliminates geese from your property
  • Shooting Permit (issued  March 11 - August 31) reinforces harassment

More information regarding Canadian geese guidelines can be found at

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