Kitten killed during apparent assault in Fairborn

Jamal Purce
Jamal Purce



A Fairborn man accused of body slamming and trying to strangle a woman, while also killing her kitten remained in the Greene County Jail Thursday morning.

Jamal Purce, 18, is charged with attempted felonious assault, abduction, disrupting public services and causing the death of a companion animal, court records show.

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Officers responded Nov. 15 to the 2200 block of Roseanne Court after receiving a report of an assault at an apartment .

“(The victim) was very upset and crying, stating that her live-in boyfriend, Jamal Purce, had assaulted (her), and threw her 6-month-old kitten on the ground so hard that it broke its neck or back,” court records read. The kitten did not live, police said.

According to court records, the victim told police Purce yelled at her, threw a wooden barstool through a wall and threw a trash can into the bedroom after dumping the trash all over the room.

The victim said she tried to call police, but Purce reportedly took her cellphone and threw it against the wall, shattering the screen.

“He then body slammed her to the ground, and held her down on the floor, with both of his hands around her throat and neck area,” a statement of facts filed in Fairborn Municipal Court read. “She was having trouble breathing, but was able to push him off, get up and run to the kitchen.”

The victim told police she hit, bit and punched Purce several times to get away.

Police saw redness and marks on her throat and neck.

Purce was arrested several days later and taken to jail.