Klan rally in Dayton: Detours to avoid road closures downtown

Several roads in downtown Dayton are blocked until Sunday due to a rally by a KKK-affiliated group at Courthouse Square Saturday.

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Road closures include portions of Main and Ludlow streets, running north and south, and Second and Third street running east and west.

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The WHIO Traffic Center has suggested detours for those still needing to travel in and out of the downtown Dayton area:

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  • Traveling north, towards the river on Main Street: Turn left on Fourth Street and head west to Wilkinson. Wilkinson Street is a one-way street that travels north to Monument. There is no access to Second or Third street from Wilkinson due to the road closures. Jefferson Street is also an option heading north into town. On Fourth Street, turn right to Jefferson and head north. Jefferson runs one-way north and intersects with First Street, (one-way east) and Monument (one-way west).
  • Traveling south, away from the river: Coming across the Main Street bridge, both Monument and First streets will route around the road closures. Monument will route traffic west towards Perry Street, which is one-way south. First Street routes traffic east to St. Clair, which also runs one-way south. There will be no access to Ludlow or Main Streets from First Street due to the closures.


  • Fourth Street runs in both directions and intersects with Jefferson Street, to the east of the closures, and Wilkinson, to the west of the closures. From Fourth Street, both Jefferson and Wilkinson run one-way north towards the river. If you're attempting to head south from Fourth Street, North Main is open south of Fourth Street and runs in both directions.
  • First Street runs one-way east and also intersects with Jefferson and Wilkinson, which run one-way north. First Street also intersects with St. Clair that runs one-way south away from downtown.

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