Landfill with odor issues barred by Dayton after worker illnesses

A Dayton landfill fined by the EPA after odor complaints from several communities continues to be barred from discharging waste into the city’s sanitary sewers after a 2016 incident that records show made cleanup crews “very ill.”

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Stony Hollow Landfill “remains under a cease and desist order” issued in late October, according to the city of Dayton.

The Waste Management Inc.-owned landfill “is working towards compliance,” according to Michele Simmons, environmental manager with the city.

“The city of Dayton is awaiting the Stony Hollow plan of action to resume discharge,” she said.

Dayton issued the order Oct. 27, two days after an incident in which 10 city workers sought medical attention from “significant odors” after cleaning up waste that blocked sewer lines near the landfill, records show.

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The South Gettysburg Avenue site was fined $16,000 last week by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for “noncompliance with landfill’s air permit,” according to the OEPA.


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