Local chef and restaurant owner gets shout-out from NPR

So, I’m in my car yesterday, driving home from an early-morning trip to the Second Street Market, half-listening to my car radio that is tuned to WYSO-FM, and I hear the voice of Elizabeth Wiley, owner of Meadowlark and Wheat Penny restaurants, describing a recipe she makes at home for braised turkey thighs.

I immediately assume this is a locally produced WYSO segment. Fair assumption, right? Wiley made a name for herself initially at The Winds in Yellow Springs, home of WYSO.

Wrong assumption. This is a National Public Radio segment, with Noah Adams. Adams is now a resident of Yellow Springs, but his piece is not limited to the local station’s broadcast — it’s being heard nationwide. A national shout-out!

The Dayton-area restaurant and bar scene has been scoring more of these lately, suggesting that maybe little ol' Dayton, Ohio isn't just flyover country anymore. Check out the NPR story (both on audio and in print) at this link headline entitled "A Little Chiltomate Raises The Underappreciated Turkey Thigh."

It may make you hungry.

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