Local landscape business has over $75K worth of equipment stolen

A truck and trailer at Wenzler Landscaping in Sugarcreek Township was loaded up with equipment from the shop and stolen sometime overnight on Wednesday.

“The thought of knowing that half of your business essentially was just taken. The feeling of violation. The feeling of sadness, anger, it still is overwhelming because we try so hard every day,” co-owner of Wenzler Landscape Management Nick Smith said.

The truck and trailer were eventually recovered, but the equipment worth over $10,000 is still missing.

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Smith said this theft cost the business at least three full days of work because of their inability to do their job. It would have been even worse if not for the kindness of other businesses that have loaned their equipment.

“The amount of people that stepped up to help us so quickly was very humbling. It showed the true character of people. That’s definitely made this a lot easier,” he said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Sugarcreek Township police.