Local pizza delivery driver talks about traumatic kidnapping experience


In October 2018, two female delivery drivers were kidnapped in two separate incidents and now one victim is sharing her story.

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D'ablo McConnell was arrested and later indicted last year on four counts of kidnapping, two counts of rape and single counts of attempted rape, assault and aggravated robbery. His case is still ongoing.

News Center 7’s Kate Bartley spoke with one of the victims who said the suspect came up behind her when she went to his front door and eventually forced her back into her car at gunpoint.

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The victim also said that he tried to rape her but she was able to thwart his efforts. She eventually was able to escape the suspect and had to knock on three doors before she was able to borrow a cell phone to contact police. She is just thankful she was able to escape and hopes he is not able to do this to anyone else in the future.

We will continue to bring you updates on McConnell’s pending case.

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