Miamisburg mother happy to see citation for driving past stopped bus

UPDATE Nov. 29 @ 7:21 p.m.: After speaking out against drivers speeding past stopped buses, a Miamisburg mother is happy to see police taking her concerns seriously.

Miamisburg police have increased patrols in the area of Belvo Road after Joanna Bentley’s story aired a little over a week ago, and cited a woman Thursday morning for driving past the stopped bus.

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"I have noticed most mornings a cop car is posted up there at the high school watching when my son gets on the bus," Bentley told News Center 7's Sean Cudahy.

Police cited the woman for driving past the bus Bentley’s son was boarding.

“My son got on the bus, the stop sign was still on. I look over and see a car coming and it wasn’t stopping. I see the cop pull up and get the person,” Bentley said. “It felt great seeing that someone did get caught and will be held accountable.”

Bentley said her son’s bus driver thanked her for bringing awareness to the issue because she sees it happen every day.

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Ryan Copsey, a school resource officer, has been patrolling the bus stops three times a day since talking with Bentley, and attributes driver intention to the issue.

“I think it’s being on your phones, just not paying attention,” Copsey said. “Slow down, when you see the yellow lights prepare to stop, when you see the red lights obviously stop.”

Bentley is hoping to get buses equipped with cameras, and plans to take the idea to the school board and Miamisburg City Council next month.

“I saw an article about a school up north in Ohio that got a camera. If you get that on every bus and the fine is $500, it pays for itself.”

FIRST REPORT Nov. 19 @ 10:16 p.m.: A Miamisburg mother spoke out after she saw someone speed past a stopped school bus.

Cudahy was in Miamisburg with the mother and just how angry she was.

Joanna Bentley says she thought it was common sense to stop at a bus sign, but it happened Monday morning while her kindergartner was boarding the bus.

“The bus stopped, and a car totally blew right through the bus stop sign,” she said.

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Bentley says this seems to happen at least twice a month, and she has a message for other drivers.

“Slow down. Pay attention. Watch what you’re doing. Get off your phone, there’s kids, they’re kids!”

She couldn’t get the license plate of the car, but said she plans to take her concerns to city council next month.

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