Sheriff’s office cites man who stood nude, defecated outside child care center

UPDATE @ 5:40 p.m.: A 58-year-old Troy man has been cited for misdemeanor for public indecency accusing him of defecating on the property of Jacobs Ladder Learning Center.

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A Miami County Sheriff's deputy said he left the citation in the mailbox where the accused, Ricky Angel, lives.

According to the case report of the Monday morning incident, childcare staff was preparing to send children out to the playground when the man was seen by a barn on the property, nude from the waist down and "apparently finishing up defecating on the property next to the playground."

The man identified by the sheriff’s office as Angel ran off, leaving behind his soiled socks and under garments, when the witness screamed at him.


A man is expected to be cited after a daycare worker said she found him standing outside the building naked Monday morning.

"He was standing there naked,” the worker told 911 dispatchers. "When I came out here, I screamed at him."

The call came from Little Jacobs Ladder Learning Center, in the 600 block of North County Road 25-A outside of Troy, around 9 a.m.

"He took off running up the hill, but left all of his clothes with crap all over it and everything in my kids' playground,” the worker said. The worker said it appeared the man had defecated himself and she didn’t plan to press charges if he came back to clean up the mess.

The worker then called deputies a second time after she said the man failed to return to remove his soiled clothing from the playground.

The worker mentioned there were children at the facility at the time of the incident, however it was not clear if any children witnessed anything.

Deputies have a suspect but formal charges have not been filed in Miami County Municipal Court.

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