Plan calls for hundreds of apartments at South Park, near UD

The new owner of the Patterson-Kennedy school site at 258 Wyoming St. wants to build 232 new apartments aimed at young professionals and University of Dayton students.

RE NVC Dayton II LLC proposes constructing a pair of five-story buildings on vacant land east of the Taco Bell on Brown Street, offering “state-of-the-art living accommodations” close to the college and Miami Valley Hospital.

“Proximity will provide contemporary, convenient and safe housing in a pedestrian-friendly environment to facilitate daily walkable conditions for students attending the university and staff working at the hospital,” according to project narrative by RE NVC Dayton II.

Robert Fiorita, principal of parent company New Village Communities, earlier this summer told the Dayton Daily News the planned redevelopment of the site hopefully would start within about six months.

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The Patterson-Kennedy school was torn down in 2012 and sold at auction earlier this year to RE NVC Dayton II, which is controlled by Dublin-based New Village Communities.

New Village developed Bishop Square in Oxford, which is a mixed-used development featuring offices, restaurants, housing and other amenities.

RE NVC Dayton II purchased the almost 3.3-acre former school site after taking out a $715,000 mortgage for the property.

The company proposes developing two phases of housing.

The first, on the eastern portion of the site, would create 113 apartment units in a 180,000-square-foot building that has a courtyard in the center, according to a project narrative submitted to the city of Dayton.

The first building would use about 4,000 square feet for a clubhouse, administrative offices and “accessory amenities,” such as a fitness center, Wifi cafe or mini kitchen, recreation room and meeting rooms. The project would create as many as 168 surface parking spaces.

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The courtyard, which will be accessed directly from the building and a secured breezeway from the street, will have a swimming pool, fire pit, outdoor pavilion and recreational activity areas, the narrative states.

The second building would have 119 units across 183,000 square feet that also surrounds an open-air courtyard with outdoor amenities, the narrative states.

Large windows and outdoor balconies on units from both buildings will face the public rights-of-way.

The second building would be constructed on much of the surface parking lot.

The lot also would be replaced with a five-story parking garage that connects to the apartment buildings.

The developer says the garage design seeks to minimize its visual impact to neighbors. The garage mostly would be hidden in view from Wyoming Street, the designs show.

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The development will integrate into and will be respectful of the neighborhood and will benefit businesses along Brown Street, the developer said.

“Additionally, it should act as an economic catalyst for renovation and gentrification of residences located along Wyoming Street,” the project narrative states.

The property is near the southern border of the South Park neighborhood.

Mark Keller, president of Historic South Park Inc., said he has not yet reviewed the development plans but is encouraged the developer is engaging the neighborhood and larger community.

The western portion of the site is currently zoned mature neighborhood commercial and will need to be rezoned campus-institutional to support the project.

That developer says it will start the rezoning process if and when the general development plan is approved by the Dayton Plan Board.

The general development plan only needs Plan Board approval and does not go to the city commission, said Tony Kroeger, Dayton’s planning manager.

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