Candidate who made allegations against House race opponent to hold press conference

UPDATE@11:20 (March 27):

Kim McCarthy, democratic opponent for for State Representative of District 73 issued the statement below in response to the allegations against Perales:

"At their least, these allegations indicate an inappropriate relationship, which suggests that Mr. Perales is not genuinely focused on doing his job as a representative. At worst, it is assault, showing character unsuitable for public office. It is obnoxious that we have to confront a scandal involving abuses like those brought to light by the #metoo movement here at home in our district from people who claim to represent us.

"These allegations are reflective of the kinds of abuses of power and privilege we see all too often today, in which those who have been elected to represent us use their position for their own personal advantage, either for personal gratification, or to enrich themselves by working against the needs of the people they are supposed to represent.

"I am running to bring an end to these abuses of the public trust, and to provide our community with representation focused on putting the needs of the people of the 73rd district and across Ohio first."

Jocelyn Smith, the woman who is accusing Perales of having an inappropriate relationship with her, has called a press conference at 2:30 this afternoon. We will have reporters and photographers at the event, which you can watch it live here.


A local candidate for political office claimed she had an inappropriate relationship with a Beavecreek state lawmaker who is up for re-election and he is not denying it. However, State Representative Rick Perales said much of what Jocelyn Smith is saying, is not true.

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Smith, 36, of Fairborn, said she is running for office because Ohioans deserve a decent government. She is also going public with allegations about the lawmaker she is challenging in the May Republican Primary.

Smith said she met Perales at a town hall meeting in 2014. In 2015, she said she asked to meet with him to discuss workplace safety issues, but he did not want to talk business.

"Then I said what do you want to talk about? He said, 'you know, i bet you're good in the bed.' I was just stunned," said Smith.

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She showed this news organization several copies of text messages that she claimed were from Perales. However, there were no dates or any way to confirm that the messages were real. Smith also admitted meeting with Perales several times in early 2015, and getting his into truck after a meeting at a Beavercreek restaurant.

"That's when he, you know, leaned in, kissed me, grabbed my throat and put pressure on it and just when I felt like I was going to pass out, he released," said Smith, who said that the two never had sexual relations.

State Rep. Rick Perales denies choking Smith and denies any type of a physical relationship with her.

"In early 2015, I met my opponent and had an overly friendly relationship with her that led to some text messaging that was inappropriate. I take full responsibility for my part in that. I am embarrassed but I moved on," said Perales, who was elected in 2012 to serve the people of Greene County and Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

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Perales said he and his wife, Becka , have worked on their marriage the last three years and the relationship is even stronger today.

"I'm surrounded by loving family, forgiving family and friends and no matter what occurs in May or November or anytime after that, what's important are the people that surround you and I'm blessed," Perales said.

He said he hopes the people who know his track record will remember how hard he has worked on their behalf and continue to support him.

Smith has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon to discuss her candidacy and the allegations against her opponent.