Residents upset about 'messy' dumping at Belmont Park

Residents are upset about dumping at Dayton’s Belmont Park — even though some of it is allowed.

The parking lot area of the park has bags of yard clippings and waste, discarded furniture and even a vacuum.

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Neighbors say the dumping takes away from the beauty of the neighborhood and turns people away from Belmont Park.

The City of Dayton has very strict rules about what can be left, but other items are being dumped illegally.

City officials say that for the most part people follow the rules.

But occasionally, people bring things that residents say make the parking lot look like a junk yard.

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“It’s just unattractive and people are dumping just about anything they want to,” said Renee Larkins.

Waste management did come out to the park and remove furniture along with some of the yard waste while News Center 7’s Malik Perkins was on the scene.

The parking lot has been used as a spot for yard waste removal for years according to city officials.

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People who frequent the park say that even when people do follow the rules the waste can pile up over nearly half the parking lot.

“It is primarily used by citizens who come here and they need a place to park,” said Tom Hand.

City officials say there is a schedule for crew to come in and clear the lot, but it isn’t normally this full.

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They plan to have the lot cleared by the weekend.

The parking area is one of the multiple spots the city has designated for yard waste to help keep the city’s allies clear.

Larkins wished the city would pick a different place though.

“I think it’s be good not to dump at all,” she said.

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