Roughly 100 protesters gather in Dayton to voice concern about the Kavanaugh vote

Several dozen protesters gathered in Courthouse Square downtown Saturday ahead of the successful Senate vote to confirm Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The protesters expressed frustration with Kavanaugh’s nomination. They also expressed support for victims of sexual assault.

This week, senators reviewed a confidential series of FBI interviews on whether Kavanaugh assaulted Christine Blasey Ford in 1982 when both were teenagers. Kavanaugh, 53, denies the claims.

Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate  Saturday in a 50-48 vote.

"My goal is to show continuous support for victims of sexual assault and for folks who feel like they're not being supported in this whole process and who feel like this whole process is sending a message to them that they aren't worthy of being believed,” said Lindsay Bohan, one of the protesters. "I think it is an incredible slap in the face honestly to many folks.”

Republican State Representative J. Todd Smith says Kavanaugh is a qualified judge. He is also glad the senate following procedure and didn’t change the confirmation process because of the protests.

“I think the senate made the right decision both historically and procedurally,” he said.

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