Scammers pretend to be deputies in Clark, Preble counties

Deputies in Clark and Preble counties are warning the public about scam calls from someone pretending to be from either sheriff’s office.

The Preble County Sheriff’s Office said that the scammer is trying to get credit card information.

The calls appear to come from a computer-generated number and tell people that that they have failed to appear for a court proceeding.

To “clear” up the issue, the scam call says the person can pay a fee to “clear” up the issue, according to the sheriff’s office.

If you call the number, a computer answers saying it’s the Preble County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch number warrant division, according to the release.

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Callers are asked to pick an extension — even though no one answers — and to leave a message.

In Clark County, recipients of the calls report someone identifies themselves as a Detective Snyder with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

“The scam caller then advises the caller they owe money for a fine and they must pay the money owed or a warrant would be issued for them or they would be arrested,” according to deputies.

Both offices said these are scams and they will not reach out to you for money owed over the phone.

“This is a scam call and we are encouraging residents to hang up immediately should they be called,” said Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson. “Do not provide any information to the caller. The intent of this type of scam is likely targeting residents for personal, private information.”

One person in Preble County may have lost $1,300 due to the scam.

“At no time will anyone from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office call you to ask for money for a fine owned,” Clark County investigators said.

If you feel like your personal information has been compromised, contact the Preble County Sheriff’s Office at 937-456-6262 or the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 937-328-2560.

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