Here’s how to avoid phone scammers using Election Day to get your cash, info

As we move closer to Election Day, more and more people are receiving phone calls about political candidates and issues.

But not all phone calls about the Nov. 6 midterm elections are authentic. Some that seem to be from political campaigns, polling groups or candidates may actually be scammers trying to get your personal information or cash, according to the Better Business Bureau of Dayton and the Miami Valley.

Scammers have the ability to spoof phone numbers to make it appear they are calling from a legitimate location. They may play recordings of candidates you recognize. they may even offer you gift cards to participate in a survey or poll. They may even pose as a volunteer helping people to register to vote.

John North, BBB president and CEO, said you should never give personal information, credit card or bank account numbers, to anyone who calls you -- during campaign or any other season.

“Even if it is a cause or someone you want to support, the best thing to do is call the headquarters of that political candidate or the headquarters of that particular party in your area to confirm the legitimacy of that call,” North said.

Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of a political scam:

• Do not give banking or personal information over the phone

• Contact the official office directly if you want to donate to a candidate, cause or political party

• Hang up if someone says you will win a prize for participating in a poll or survey


Rachel Murray is consumer reporter for WHIO-TV, News 95.7 WHIO and the Dayton Daily News. Follow her @RachelMurrayWHIO on Facebook and @RMurrayWHIO on Twitter.

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