Warren County second-graders campaign to name dog park after Dayton shooting victim

A new dog park in Springboro is to be named after Oregon District shooting victim Logan Turner.

“He would be very humbled by all this, all the attention. He would be grinning from ear to ear, very proud,” his mother, Danita Turner, said.

Last week, Springboro City Council decided to name the area set aside for dogs at Hazel Woods Park “Logan’s Bark Park.”

Turner, 30, was one of nine people shot and killed in the Oregon District on Aug. 4 in a mass shooting that stunned the nation and left more than 30 other people wounded.

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The park naming was prompted by letter-writing campaign by Geri Dey's second-grade class at Five Points Elementary in Springboro.

Turner grew up in Springboro and graduated from Springboro High School in 2008.

“I’ve known Logan since he was in second grade. Our boys grew up together,” Dey said.“He loved dogs.”

“I considered Logan to be my third child.” Dey added.“Logan is not going to be forgotten.”

Dey’s students wrote letters and illustrated renderings of the park sent to the city council to convince them to name the park on Lower Springboro Road after Turner.

“One reason is because it would bring people and dogs together,” a handful of the students wrote in their letters.

“Service dogs can take a break,” added a student named Liam.

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Dey remembered the towering Turner walking Ellie Mae, the Maltese poodle, around the neighborhood.

Danita Turner said he planned to get his own dog once his girlfriend moved in with him in November.

“He was kind of waiting for the right opportunity,” Turner said, recalling her son and Dey’s two sons bought their cellphones at the same time “so they would be one digit off.”

The second-graders developed the project beyond the park-naming campaign.

“We decided we are writing a book. We named it Logan’s Bark Park,” Dey said.

The book envisions 26 different adventures for Zara, one of the dogs in a secret club meeting on Saturdays at the park. Zara is absent one Saturday.

“Each dog is trying to figure out what happened to Zara,” Dey said. “They are so imaginative, so adorable.”

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Dey contributed the final page.

“Zara walks in on the following Saturday with Mickey Mouse ears. She had been on vacation with her family,” she said.

Dey hopes the class’ effort will send a larger message.

“Out of so much tragedy, people do need to come back around and love each other again.” she said. “It’s a hard world.”

Springboro Mayor John Agenbroad said the council agreed to name the new park after Turner.

“We turn a tragedy into a blessing,” Agenbroad said.

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