Springfield firefighters given sauna to help combat toxins

Springfield Firefighters have a new tool to combat potentially dangerous toxins that could hurt their health.

The Springfield Office of Clark Schaefer Hackett donated a sauna to Station One in an effort to help firefighters sweat anything harmful they pick up while fighting fires.

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“We were fortunate enough to take advantage of a grant process,” Springfield Fire Chief Brian Miller said. “It’s cutting-edge pioneer kind of technology where the concept is firefighters, after a fire, need to detoxify and remove all of the carcinogens or potential carcinogens in the smoke from their body.”

A pamphlet handed out an event showcasing the new saunas says toxins and soot from the smoke and fire can remain on firefighters’ ski after a fire and can be absorbed into their bodies. And as the body temperature rises, the absorption process quickens.

Miller said the policy is for firefighters to take a shower, then get into the sauna and onto an exercise bike where they will exercise and sweat the toxins hopefully out of their body.

Devesh Kamal, the partner in charge of the local office, said they want to help the community become stronger.

“As part of our mission to give back to the community, we decided to pick this project ‘Healthy Heros’,” he said. “Giving back to our firefighters is something we believe will be helpful with their health.”

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Miller said whether the practice of sweating off toxins after a fire is an effective way to cleanse is still unproven, but its good that the local fire division has this tool in case it does works.

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