Tecumseh grad has role in new series on Amazon Prime

Jason Greear

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Jason Greear

A former New Carlisle resident and 2001 Tecumseh High school graduate isn’t going prime time, just Prime.

Actor Jason Greear is one of the stars of the new crime thriller series “Clever Girl,” which made its debut on Amazon Prime in mid-January.

The nine-episode first season follows a young writer whose new boyfriend may give her the story of a lifetime at the cost of several lives, including her own.

As Detective Keenan Albertson, Greear, who lives in Huber Heights, has landed his most extensive role yet and his first acting awards — Best Supporting Actor and shared a Best Ensemble with the cast at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Awards.

“We knew we had something good,” he said. “There’s something that separates it. Each story has a twist that makes it stand out.”

While Greear can enjoy the moment now, it took time getting there.

After shooting the pilot for “Clever Girl” in late 2015, the producers shopped it to various networks and film festivals and it garnered 41 awards.

Amazon Prime finally committed to buying it as web series.

Although he’s done a guest slot in an ABC series, had a part in a Syfy Channel movie and acted with acclaimed Hollywood stars Woody Harrelson, Willem DaFoe and Christian Bale in “Out of the Furnace,” “Clever Girl” is a turning point.

Filmed in the Cincinnati area, he said it was close to home and had a down-home feel on the set.

“The caliber of people, the actors, writers, camera guy, it was one of the best crews and did a phenomenal job,” Greear said.

He joked about how it’s the second time he’s played a detective and his character is often holding a gun and using adult language.

“I think I’m being typecast,” Greear said, laughing. “Maybe it’s my size. I’m 6-2, 230 pounds so it’s an intimidating stature. But I won’t complain now that I’m getting work.”

What he’d really like to do is a romantic comedy, as he likes to joke around and get something to sink his teeth into.

A carpenter by trade, Greear got into acting by accident. A backed-up sewer in his home led to being asked to do a testimonial commercial for the contractor who cleaned his house.

Greear thought he was merely doing a favor in return for good service. Then the commercial’s director handed him lines to learn.

Having never even acted in school, he was surprised but gave it a go. He said the director was shocked how quickly and naturally he learned the lines and Greear caught the acting bug.

He soon got an agent and began landing roles in commercials.

That means callbacks and waiting by the phone to see if he’s landed a role. Greear once found out he didn’t get a McDonald’s commercial when he saw it air.

One of his favorites was a regional commercial that aired during last year’s Super Bowl playing a sleazy insurance adjuster who gets tackled by an attorney.

While he’s hung out with celebrities like Woody Harrelson, don’t expect Greear to put on a star trip. He’s astounded to have Facebook friends from all over the world and grateful to the people of New Carlisle.

“They’ve had my back since day one with that first commercial,” he said. “You’d have thought I was a movie star.”

If Greear uses his celebrity for anything to get noticed, he said he’d prefer it be for his Greear’s Gifts for Kids, which has collected toys for kids in Dayton Children’s Hospital during the holidays the past three years.

He’s catching “Clever Girl” with family and friends and hoping he’ll get a call for a second season. If not, he said he’ll stay grateful.

“For somebody who’s never had any acting to do what I’ve done, I couldn’t ask for more,” Greear said.

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