Teens help build Urbana Habitat for Humanity house

Urbana is the location of the newest Habitat for Humanity House, and students were a key part of the building team this week.

A youth group of 13 students from Saint George’s Episcopal Church in Dayton is on its third year volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. The students are overseen by church volunteer Anoopa Hodges.

The students started on Monday and worked through Friday last week. They stayed at Urbana University to be closer to the construction site.

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The students run from sixth through twelfth grades, and they have been able to do a little bit of everything. They have helped put up siding, worked on the cabinets and drywall, and aided in the roof installation.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for kids to work with Habitat because they come to understand there are other people that are in need, and, if everybody pitches in, it really does help the community,” said Hodges.

Junior Nick Thornewill is one of the student volunteers this week. This is his third year to help. He said that the family they are helping has been moving from apartment to apartment and hasn’t had a permanent home.

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“I came out here because it’s something I do, and I find it really awesome, and it’s something that makes me happy that I am helping some people out that don’t have a home,” Thornewill said.

Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization that works with local communities all over the United States and about 70 countries, according to its website. Habitat’s vision is for a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

“The kids feel proud and taker ownership in their work,” Hodges said.

Habitat for Humanity has many ways to volunteer. Go to www.habitat.org/volunteer to find out how.

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