Have you noticed a shortage of avocados? Dayton grocers have them back in stock

They’re green, they’re a little slimy, and people can’t find enough new ways to add this funky fruit to their diets.

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Late last fall and early this spring, avocados were few and far in between, due to a tough growing spell, not uncommon for the fruit. However, we’re here to bring good news to your lonely, avocado-less toast; avocados have recovered from their dry spell and can once again be found in almost any Dayton grocery store.

"Avocados are an alternate-bearing crop, with plants producing large yields one year. That depletes the resources in the soil, which results in a smaller harvest every other year," according to Fortune.

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Many Dayton grocers selling fresh produce said that in late 2016 and spring 2017, they were getting significantly smaller avocado shipments in, often forcing them to bump up prices temporarily.

A spokesperson at Whole Foods Market on Miamisburg Centerville Road in Dayton said the store went almost an entire month last fall without getting a good shipment in.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in Sugarcreek Township and Dorothy Lane Market experienced similar problems.

“Produce is very price sensitive when supplies get smaller ... my opinion is they’ve (avocados) become more popular because of health benefits they’re said to have,” said Ron Williams, produce manager at Fresh Thyme in Sugarcreek.

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For now, all three stores say they’re not having any more problems keeping the versatile fruit in stock, as well as keeping prices at a somewhat-normal rate.

So while avocados in the Dayton area are in good standing, get crazy and try that wacky avocado recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Chances are it will be delish!

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