The government shutdown is starting to affect airports. Here’s how.

UPDATE @ 9 p.m.:

In its third week, the partial government shutdown continues to affect 800,000 government workers. Airport employees, such as workers at control towers and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners, are being told to report to work but aren’t being paid.

Some travelers going through Dayton International Airport fear the situation may get worse if the shutdown continues.

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“It was a nightmare. Long, long lines,” Linda Harris of Winchester, Indiana told News Center 7’s Rachel Murray about the wait she recently dealt with at a Seattle airport.

Travelers have reported longer checkpoint lines at some airports, including larger cities like New York City.

“I heard a lot of complaining,” Murray said. “I didn’t realize that the government shutdown would really impact the TSA.”

The TSA said screeners are not being paid, and, at larger airports, other screeners are calling in sick.

The Federal Aviation Administration is recalling furloughed airplane inspectors as needed, according to the Associated Press.

The lack of pay and safety are other concerns for travelers.

“One of my nephews is a TSA agent,” Armah Gray of Columbia, Maryland said. “So he’s working without compensation.”

“(Safety) is a little bit of a concern,” Michael Estep of Monroe, Ohio said. “But what’s more of a concern for me is that we actually are having to go through a shutdown at a time when we really shouldn’t be.”

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President Donald J. Trump is set to make his first prime-time Oval Office address Tuesday evening focusing on the shutdown and the United States-Mexico border.

Trump will likely make a case for funding the border wall and re-igniting negotiating talks between Democrats and Republicans.

Harris, Estep, Gray and many others can agree that they just want to the shutdown to end, swiftly.

“I wish they would get it resolved as quick as they could,” Harris said.

“Both the Democrats and the Republicans need to get off their rear ends and get this taken care of,” Estep said.

“I hope they all get together. They are big boys and big girls,” Gray chuckled.


It is day 18 of the government shutdown and it is beginning to impact air travel.

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The Transportation Security Administration says screeners are calling in sick at some airports and the Federal Aviation Administration says it is recalling furloughed aviation safety inspectors as needed, according to the Associated Press.

Over the weekend, travelers reported longer checkpoint lines at some airports, including LaGuardia in New York.

News Center 7 consumer reporter Rachel Murray will be talking to travelers at the Dayton Airport today to hear their concerns and find out how their trips are being impacted.

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(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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