5 things to know about Bob Evans closing

It’s hard to live in Ohio and not have eaten at a Bob Evans.

According to the official Bob Evans site, the company owns more than 500 restaurants in 18 states.

There are 15 locations in the Dayton area and 247 in Ohio overall.

Monday, the New Albany, Ohio-based company announced that it will be shutting down 27 Bob Evans restaurants, including one in Toledo and another at 1929 Harshman Road in Riverside.

This is what President and Chief Executive Saed Mohseni said in a statement: "Decisions to close restaurant locations are always difficult. Performance at each of these locations, despite the loyalty of valued guests and the efforts of our dedicated employees, was not meeting expectations."

Here are five things you should know about the closing of these 27 Bob Evans locations.

  • According to the company, out of the 27 locations, 21 of them were owned and six were leased. The restaurants that were owned closed this past weekend and the restaurants that are leased will most likely close during fiscal year 2017.
  • There are some options for the employees who are affected by these closures. Some employees will have the opportunity to relocate to a nearby restaurant. If relocation is not possible, then service benefits will be offered to full-time and part-time employees, according to Mohseni.
  • "The Harshman Road location is one of our lower-volume restaurants in the area, which contributed to the necessary decision to close," said Angela M. Payne, Bob Evans' corporate communications manager, earlier this month. Payne confirmed that the Riverside location would close permanently at 3 p.m. April 23.
  • The company is hoping that they will receive $20 million from the sale of the owned properties. The closed restaurants brought about $30 million of annual revenue, with them closed, the company believes the annual operating income will improve by about $1 million.
  • Just last year, the company decided to do something similar to these current closures. In 2015, the company shut down 17 stores, but none of them were operating in Ohio.

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