This local city’s roads will improve with $340K resurfacing project

Vandalia resurfacing 12 roads starting tomorrow. CONTRIBUTED.
Vandalia resurfacing 12 roads starting tomorrow. CONTRIBUTED.

The city of Vandalia is resurfacing 12 city roads as part of the Safe and Stable Levy that was passed in 2005.

The city passed the levy with a ½-percent income tax increase to be used for police, fire and road departments. This year’s project costs $340,000.

The work started in June with the repair of curbs along the roads that would be resurfaced. The curbs are now wheelchair accessible. The city hopes the 12 roads will be resurfaced in time for the new school year to begin.

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The crews will allow local traffic. Residents in the areas of road projects should be able to get to and from their homes. Crews may block driveways periodically for resurfacing. Residents are also cautioned to not park on the street while the workers are milling and resurfacing.

The result of the passage of the Safe and Stable Levy allows all of the concrete work to be done with no additional assessments, according to Vandalia’s Communications Manager Rich Hopkins.

Vandalia keeps track of the condition of every roadway and resurfaces the ones that need it more. The Development and Engineering Services Department drives every road in the city to take notes of the condition of the roads.

DES does look at the utility replacement schedule as part of how they chose which roads to resurface. The city does not want to replace a road if it was going to be dug up the following year for the replacement of a water main or sewage line.

Visit the city's website for further updates or contact Hopkins at 937-898-5891.