Township official to leave office after accusations

The Butler Twp. fiscal officer has dropped out of his township re-election race, resigned as treasurer of the Montgomery County GOP and lost his job at a local bank after being accused by a local woman of theft and sexual harassment, allegations he says are unfounded.

The fiscal officer, Mark Adams, last week removed his name from the November ballot; his Democratic challenger, former Montgomery County clerk of courts Greg Brush, is now running in the election unopposed.

Adams said in an interview with the Dayton Daily News that he quit the township and party posts to avoid being smeared with false accusations.

The complaints were brought by a local resident, Ja-Nelle Gilliland, who went to PNC bank in Englewood on May 17, where Adams was branch manager, to open a business account for a salon she hoped to open. She said Adams sexually harassed her in his office, failed to deposit cash into her account that she gave him, and suggested he could get her public funds to help with her business.

She reported her claims to PNC on May 20, to Butler Twp. on June 20 and to Englewood police on July 9.

“I think I deserve my money back the very least,” she said in an interview with the Dayton Daily News. “I think I deserve an apology. I don’t believe he should be in any position that is in charge of anyone’s money. He was offering me money from elected positions he holds.”

Adams denies the allegations. He said the woman who brought the claims tried to extort him for money before making reports to the bank, township and police. She says this is untrue.

PNC did an investigation, Adams said, and let him go with his retirement benefits.

“They found no wrongdoing on my part. And no dishonesty. But they did act to avoid the bad publicity they were going to get from her threats against them, which she did,” he said.

PNC spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel responded to a request for comment saying: “PNC thoroughly investigated and has taken appropriate action in response to the allegations, but we do not provide information about or otherwise comment on personnel-related matters.”

Information provided by Gilliland to the Dayton Daily News says PNC told her they do not believe their employee committed theft.

Englewood police investigated the claims and stopped their inquiry into the claims because they are awaiting additional information from Gilliland, according to Englewood police spokesman Mike Lang, who is also a Butler Twp. trustee. Adams on Friday provided police with a packet of documents which he said includes information supporting his defense against the claims.

Adams is not charged with any crimes and there are no civil lawsuits against him filed involving the claims.

Public records obtained by the Dayton Daily News show Butler Twp. police Chief John Porter also reviewed the claims and forwarded them to the township administrator.

Lang said if Adams were a township employee he would have been disciplined for violating personnel policies. But since Adams is an elected official they have no power over him.

“We have no confidence in his abilities,” Lang said. “He should step down from his position.”

Adams last week resigned as treasurer of the Montgomery County Republican Party, according to state Rep. Phil Plummer, R-Butler Twp., county party president. Plummer said Adams didn’t give a specific reason for stepping down.

The next treasurer will be appointed by the county party central committee, he said.

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