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Trotwood ‘doing everything it can to keep Walgreens’

The Trotwood Walgreens location is at 5271 Salem Avenue. FILE
The Trotwood Walgreens location is at 5271 Salem Avenue. FILE

Trotwood city officials said in a statement that they are working to keep Walgreens in the community, saying the pharmacy is among 200 stores the chain is planning to close.

The Walgreens location is at 5271 Salem Avenue.

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“The city is doing everything it can to keep Walgreens in the community,” Trotwood City Manager Quincy Pope Sr. said in a statement. “We have a large population of seniors who depend on the services they provide for prescription medicine and healthcare needs. We are going to continue to fight on behalf of our residents for access to affordable healthcare, prescription drugs, and healthy foods. This is a public health issue.”

Walgreens stated in August that it planned to close 200 pharmacies — about 3% of its footprint though at that time the Walgreens did not list specific locations it planned to close.

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Trotwood city officials said they have been in touch with Walgreens corporate government affairs officials offering incentive packages to keep the chain in the community.

“The free market has entered into a period of unpredictable and stand still economic recovery, as well as, a new normal that is significantly impacting underrepresented populations or areas experiencing distress from COVID-19. For these reasons, we ahve to fight to keep companies like Walgreens from abandoning urban areas through aggressive economic development policies at the Local, State, and Federal level that encourages sustainable investment in our communities,” Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald stated.