Dayton YMCA teaches how you can save a life with free CPR classes

People across the Miami Valley found themselves needing medical attention following the Memorial Day tornadoes, as well as following the mass shooting in the Oregon District.

This morning, News Center 7’s Letitia Perry talked to trainers from the Greater Dayton YMCA, who have been offering free classes this month on how to perform CPR.

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Trainers said that people often think of CPR as too difficult to learn or too great of a responsibility, but the process has been simplified to the point that anyone can learn it - and trainers said everyone should learn it.

Dale Brunner, president and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Dayton, said, “CPR is a life skill,” pointing out that if your neighbor goes down or someone has a medical problem at a sporting event, CPR could be crucial.

After the tornadoes and the mass shooting in the Oregon District, Brunner said, offering these classes was one way that the YMCA is giving back to the community.

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The YMCA is offering two more classes on CPR this month, including one today at the Talbott Tower in Dayton. However, trainers stressed that even if you aren’t able to make it to a class, learning the basics, even from videos on YouTube, is beneficial, because you never know when it could help to save a life.

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