Virginia 7th-grader wins contest to name NASA’s next Mars Rover

NASA's next Mars Rover has a new name: Perseverance.

The name came from a contest NASA held that drew nearly 30,000 entries across the country.

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Students from every state and every grade from Kindergarten to 12th grade submitted their favorite names.

Alexander Mather, a seventh grader from Virginia, won the contest.

When asked how he chose the name, Mather said "To me, perseverance means that the inevitable setbacks we are going to face on Mars, humans won't give up.

He went on to say, "Humans will keep son sending new missions. Humans will keep on improving technologies and humans will eventually live on other places in the solar system and maybe beyond."

Mather and his family will get to witness the Rover's launch into space this summer in Cape Canaveral.

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