Voter rights group reports few polling problems

The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, which operates a statewide toll-free hotline, said it has received sporadic reports of problems but nothing atypical for a presidential election.

The coalition has received anecdotal reports of a higher demand for provisional ballots, which could be due to the 1 million infrequent voters who were purged from the registration rolls being allowed to vote provisional ballots.

Lebanon, Warren County: Lights went off for a while, voting continued using paper ballots.

Columbus, Franklin County: Protesters outside the Ohio Union polling place at OSU hurled homophobic slurs and yelled “rapist” at women entering the polling place. Security was alerted and things quieted down. It’s unclear if the pro-Trump protesters were associated with the campaign or not.

Columbus, Franklin County: At the Westgate Recreational Center, Trump supporters yelled at people who appeared to be Clinton supporters. Some Clinton supporters yelled things like fascist and racist. The exchanges escalated but dissipated.

Columbus, Franklin County: Broad Street Presbyterian Church polling location. A man taking photos early in the morning and being unpleasant to polling workers was asked to leave by the workers.

Doylestown, Wayne County: A semi-truck festooned with Trump signs blocked access to a polling place. The coalition has yet to confirm this and is investigating the report.

Columbus, Franklin County: At St. Stephen the Maryter on the west side, the polling place ran out of provisional ballots. Contact information was collected from voters who were told they’d be notified later in the day when the replacement ballots were available. Not clear if the notification was carried out but no report to the contrary.