VIDEO: 2 women repeatedly punch RTA bus driver during fare argument

An RTA bus driver was assaulted Saturday by two women who were involved in an argument with her.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority released video Tuesday afternoon that shows the driver being punched and having things thrown at her at a Butler Twp. bus stop.

News Center 7's Mike Campbell spoke with RTA managers regarding this incident.

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A man and two women got on Bus 17 at Miller Lane and York Commons before an argument over paying a fare escalated.

One woman throws something that bounces off the driver’s face, she then reacts before both women began punching her repeatedly. The man briefly tries to pull the two away but gives up when they pull the driver out of her seat.

A short time later before the two get off the bus, one women hits the driver with a mental aerosol can and yells, “Don’t ever touch my sister.”

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RTA supervisors called the incident an unprovoked attack and said they support their driver.

“She was trying to do her job, trying to provide a service and she gets attacked for it,” RTA Deputy CEO Robert Ruzinsky said.

RTA officials said the driver is an eight-year-veteran and had to go to the hospital for treatment. She was released, but is yet to be back on the job.

Butler Twp. police have not yet filed charges in the case that remains under investigation.

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