Woman’s parking issue resolved

The Ombudsman received a telephone complaint from a woman who was trying to assist her mother in obtaining a handicapped parking place in from of her home. The mother lives in an older part of town and she does not have a driveway. The mother frequently has to park a block or more from her home because there are no parking places available near her home.

The daughter reported that she submitted the applications, medical statements, and information from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The daughter reported she has made many calls to inquire about the status of processing the request, but she did not get the names of the staff persons she has spoken with.

The Ombudsman contacted the city department responsible for traffic engineering to inquire about the application. The Ombudsman received a return call from a supervisor who stated that the installment paperwork had been completed and that the handicapped parking sign would be installed by the end of the week. The mother called at the end of the week to report that the sign was up, and that she was grateful for the assistance.

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