WPAFB Junior Force Council offers opportunities for growth, networking

As Wright-Patterson Air Force Base continues its efforts to recruit and retain a younger workforce, new hires may find a new environment intimidating. The Junior Force Council is available to help people grow within Wright-Patterson and the surrounding community.

The JFC consists of both military and civilian personnel.

“Those eligible to join JFC are civilians in a nonsupervisory position, GS-13 or below, and military, E-5 and below or O-6 and below,” said Jennifer Solanics, contract specialist for Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and JFC president.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics emphasizes that networking is an important soft skill for young professionals. JFC offers opportunities to do so.

“We serve as a voice between the junior force and senior leaders on base to make sure that voice is heard. Signature events are the Professional Development Symposium and Young Guns versus Old Pistols Challenge. We also plan fundraisers, social events, lunch and learns, focus groups and much more. The primary goals are to foster good relationships and provide professional development,” said Solanics.

Solanics went on to explain that joining JFC can be an overall positive experience.

“Personally, I have greatly benefited from my three years with JFC. I have fostered relationships that have added value to my life, professionally and socially,” said Solanics.

Getting to know others in the Wright-Patt community can benefit an individual both professionally and personally.

“Networking within the community helps newcomers feel connected to the mission of supporting our warfighters and see the impact they are making every day at work. Wright-Patt is a very special place, and we want everyone to show up each day and feel connected, to feel important, and to feel like they belong,” said Solanics.

The JFC hosts most events outside of work hours so people from all over the base can get together.

“Sometimes, it is hard to get out of the niche of our office. JFC events help introduce you to others you would not know – whether it be fostering new friendships or opportunities for mentoring,” said Solanics.

For more information on JFC, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/aflcmcjfc/.

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