WPAFB Recycling Center implements new pick-up procedures

Effective immediately and until further notice, the WPAFB recycling center will implement new pick-up procedures, according to Raymond F. Baker, chief, Environmental Branch, 88th Civil Engineer Group.

“All pick-up requests will be individually evaluated with the goal in mind to support social distancing,” Baker said.

“For official use only/personally identifiable information (FOUO/PII)” and pickups requests: “Instead of entering the buildings to pick up containers, please arrange to have the container moved to meet the driver at the door,” said Baker. “If this is not possible, additional containers may be provided and/or limited pickups will be made on a case-by-case basis.”

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Outside collection containers (cardboard, mixed paper, metal, toners, and plastics): These will be picked up as usual for the time being.

“If demand for service decreases, the pick-up schedule will be altered to meet the demand or may go to an on-call service,” said Baker.”

Scrap toners: Please use the four pod locations on the base to recycle toners versus inside building collection sites. The exceptions would be to meet the driver at the door.

Pods with toner containers are located at the following locations.

* Area A – the parking lot at Bldg. 4035

* North side parking lot of Bldg. 1

* Area B – North side parking lot of Air Force Institute of Technology

* East side parking lot of Bldg. 559

Your understanding and cooperation in these efforts are much appreciated. If there are any questions, call or email Dave Dalton, 937-257-5060, david.dalton.2@us.af.mil or Thomas Doucette, 937-257-4889, thomas.doucette@us.af.mil.

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