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Macy’s to expand pop-up marketplace with new partnership

Macy’s has acquired a minority stake in technology retailer b8ta that will allow the giant retailer to expand its pop-up shop programs inside its stores.

The Market @ Macy’s launched in February to give small retailers who do not have their own stores a place to open up inside Macy’s locations.

The department store chain has 10 pilot locations in nine states, which feature already established and emerging brands on a rotating cycle for a limited time. The closest of the 10 pilot stores is in Twelve Oaks, Michigan.

The partnership with b8ta will allow Macy’s to build out its physical locations. Macy’s will test new locations powered by b8ta’s technology and expand the pilot locations over the next year. The customized software platform will also manage the rotating brands and is expected to bring new product categories to the marketplace.

Macy’s has roughly 670 stores including two in the Dayton area, four in the Cincinnati region and four near Columbus.