Ex-Miamisburg teacher sex crimes conviction: How the police investigation unfolded

The police investigation that led to a sex crimes conviction and a prison term for a former Miamisburg teacher stemmed from a complaint filed in late May 2017.

In the weeks and months following the complaint, Miami Twp. police documented actions, evidence and interviews in compiling the report before the November 2017 indictment against Jessica Langford.

The 32-year-old Centerville woman and former Miamisburg Middle School teacher on Tuesday was sentenced to one year in prison and five years of probation.

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After a jury on April 13 convicted Langford of three counts of sexual battery and three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, this news organization used Ohio public records law to seek the police department’s investigative report.

Here are five things to know about the Miami Twp. police report on Langford:

1. What it contains. The report includes 19 pages, more than 10 pages of which are narrative. The narrative portions mostly describe interviews with the students, but do not quote them directly.

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Many names and other information are redacted from the document. The report was not introduced as evidence during Langford’s trial. But the father of the teen accuser told the jury he had filed a criminal complaint with the Miami Twp. Police Department in late May 2017.

Also included is a document about items seized by police from Langford’s home after a obtaining a search warrant, and a three-page statement from the person who filed the initial criminal complaint.

The initial complaint was filed May 25, 2017. The latest entry in the report is dated Oct. 11, 2017.

2. Officers compiling documents. Todd Comer and Tom Hupp are listed as report officers. Hupp initiated the report, and Comer's name appears on most of the pages. Sgt. Paul Nienhaus is listed as assisting in the investigation. No Miami Twp. police officers testified at Langford's trial.

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3. Langford home searched. Police seized the following on May 27, 2017, from her home: Five pairs of black underwear, a computer tower, an iPhone, a purple bra and a purple swimsuit top.

4. Students and interviews. At least five students were interviewed, all separately. The students' listed ages range from 14 years old to 17 years old, although no age is listed for at least one student.

The interviews occurred from May 25, 2017, to June 28, 2017. They ranged in length from 15 minutes to an hour each with no times stated for two interviews. Most interviews occurred at CARE House, a facility for juveniles. One occurred at the township police department and another occurred at a student’s home.

Two students said they received gifts – an iPhone, shoes and a gift card - from Langford. Two students said she showed them a photo of Langford and her husband having sex.

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5. Student interaction with Langford. At least four students interviewed said they had Langford as a teacher. One student whose interview is consistent with Langford's chief accuser at trial is not mentioned as a student of hers.

It is unclear if a student interviewed on June 28 had Langford for a teacher. The report describes Langford “as being more a friend than a teacher” with that student.


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