Montgomery County to spend $100K to study jail operations after lawsuits

Montgomery County commissioners on Tuesday approved money for a new study that will examine the county jail facilities as well as operations, policies and procedures with the goal of eliminating future lawsuits by inmates based on claims of mistreatment.

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CGL Companies will be paid $100,245 to perform the study for the Justice Advisory Committee, a group formed early last year to head off a federal civil rights investigation into the jail.

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“This is a major hurdle that we are getting past,” said Dr. Gary LeRoy, a co-chair of the Justice Advisory Committee, the local group charged with

The amount of taxpayer money spent defending and settling the cases of alleged mistreatment in the jail soared above $1 million last year when county commissioners approved a fourth settlement: a $380,000 payout to Emily Evans.

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Then 27, Evans was brought to the jail in 2014 on a drunk driving charge. The lawsuit claimed Evans was threatened by a deputy who had a Taser pointed at her and was then slammed to the floor by a sergeant, causing facial fractures.

“All of this intended to try to move away from where we’ve been,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Foley. “We’ve seen a significant number of lawsuits that have been filed in the jail, which has cost a significant amount of money.”

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