Anti-Trump PAC airs ads in Ohio

The anti-Trump PACs have hit Ohio – and they’ve brought Ken Blackwell with them.

Our Principles PAC went on the air this week with a $1 million cable TV and digital ad buy in Ohio that hits billionaire GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on his history of outsourcing jobs.

ExploreSee the ad here.

The group is also sending out direct mail pieces and making phone calls to thousands of Ohio voters.

The group has previously aired ads in Florida, but this ad buy represents its first step into Ohio’s March 15 primary, where Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Trump are neck-and-neck in polls.

The group also announced Thursday that former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has joined the PAC as a senior level spokesperson and advisor.

Blackwell, in an editorial sent to conservative publications around the country, writes that Trump is “arguably one of the most divisive figures in modern political history.” He writes that Trump’s candidacy represents a threat to the Republican Party and that Trump “is dragging the nation into the political gutter.”

“A vote for Donald Trump is in effect, a vote for Hillary Clinton,” Blackwell writes. “Voters who are angry with the present direction of America need to support a GOP candidate who can win the White House and unite the nation.”

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