Celebrate MLB Opening Day at home while social distancing due to coronavirus

The crack of the bat, the smell of the freshly cut outfield grass, and the roar of the crowd.

Thursday was supposed to be opening day for Major League Baseball.

But the cheers from the stands are quiet, and there’s no seventh-inning stretch at the ballpark because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So what is an MLB fan to do since they can’t go and root on their home team?

The league is sharing how fans are celebrating Opening Day at home.

Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred also penned a letter to fans: "Today is unlike any Opening Day in Major League Baseball's long history. We need to call on the optimism that is synonymous with Opening Day and the unflinching determination required to navigate an entire baseball season to help us through the challenging situation currently facing us all."

Fans do still have a chance to see a game as MLB is showing 30 games, one for each club, on the league's digital platforms, Manfred said in the letter.

MLB Network is also showing classic Opening Day games like Derek Jeter's first Opening Day in 1996.

The MLB season has been suspended because of coronavirus, with no return date.

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