Father fills sidewalk with Disney art for ‘Chalk Walk’ to cheer up neighborhood during coronavirus lockdown

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Coronavirus: Father fills sidewalk with chalk art to cheer up neighborhood

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Many people are staying holed up, not going out and socializing with friends because of the coronavirus lockdown.

But one father in Lutz, Florida, is doing his part to cheer up not only his family but his entire neighborhood. All it took was time and chalk.

Brian Morris, who is a construction manager and in his spare time, an artist, broke out the sidewalk chalk and created a "Chalk Walk" filled with Disney characters, WFTS reported.

He started originally by just drawing some common koi on the driveway as a way to pass time with his daughters. Then his wife suggested they expand the canvas and palette to the sidewalk, WFTS reported.

Neighbors also joined in adding their own touches to the sidewalk, Morris said on his Facebook page.

Sadly, like all sidewalk chalk art, it’s succumbed to Mother Nature, who reset the canvas and wiped away the hard work with some rain. But Morris said new supplies were coming in and there will be good weather ahead.

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