Mother gives rare birth to triplets without C-section

A Texas mother's pregnancy was unique from beginning to end -- not only did she have triplets, but she also delivered them naturally.

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While almost all mothers of triplets undergo a C-section to give birth, Kymber Martinez of Kyle, Texas, gave birth to identical triplet boys without one on Dec. 3. What's more, Martinez was able to deliver the babies in five minutes.

"With the way that they were laying, the size, the way I was carrying them, everything was just set up perfectly to do it," she told KXAN-TV. "There was no reason to do a C-section."

Dr. Jennifer Goss, Martinez's OB-GYN, said that in her entire career she had never delivered triplets without a C-section before Martinez. The delivery was also the first non-C-section triplet birth at Seton Medical Center Hays.

"The rarity of triplets themselves, and then all of the perfect things that have to line up, you know, this was definitely a wonderful experience," Goss said.

The babies are in the neonatal intensive care unit but are healthy and doing well, according to KVUE-TV.

Kymber Martinez and her husband, Ethan, are now parents of four -- they will be bringing the three boys home to their 6-year-old daughter.

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